Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sweet weekend :

What a wonderful weekend! We had a very rare non traveling weekend....and it was SO nice! I guess this is our last weekend in Birmingham too....*sigh*.....*HOORAY*! :) We were busy all weekend packing up boxes and jetting out of the house for people to come look at the house. We had 3 different couples come by this weekend...may not seem like a lot to some, but for us, this was a busy weekend as far as home showing goes. We cant help but be a little disappointed at the lack of people coming by our house. :(

Friday was a busy day at work, but then Brett's parents and Allie came over for dinner. Ansley was super excited to see them. We did a simple menu of steaks, mac and cheese and brocolli. Yes, a weird combo, but one we could get together rather quickly since we dont get home till around 6:00. Saturday was a fun filled day of packing and then a great night with some friends. Ansley loves playing with their two boys :).

Tonite is just more packing! Looking forward to my last full week of school.....eva! Yipeeeeeee!

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