Monday, March 16, 2009

How is it Monday already!?!?!?

These weeks are flying lightening speed. I now have less than 3 weeks until graduation. I try and make one decision for the office, then end up getting all caught up in something else about the office. I feel like a do g chasing it's tail!! Uggh! Who knew picking out accent wall colors could be so frustrating! I really wish someone would just do it for me. Really!

We have the home inspection tomorrow on our house in Gadsden. Hopefully we will be able to close next week. Yay! I think the girls will love living there. Pictures to come soon., we still have not sold our house here in Bham. Patiently waiting though!

The weekend was fun and busy. We had our ortho alumni meeting on Friday and Sat......from which I skipped out early on to go to Montgomery for a baby shower and to see April and Trent. Ansley went along with me. We had a blast. She really enjoyed having me to herself. I wish I had my video camera during our visit with Trent. She literally could not take her hands off that sweet baby boy! (sorry April) Not to mention that she sneezed on the little man (horrors!!!! I am still mortified). She is STILL talking about Trent and April. It was a great short visit!

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