Thursday, April 23, 2009

Where do I begin?!?!?!

So, things are still crazy in the Wilborn household. We thought we would be moving last weekend, but decided to do a "little" more remodeling before moving in. So, this week, I have been driving back and forth from Birmingham trying to organize the renovation of both the house and my office. In the meantime, Ansley started her new school in G town too. She has been my commute buddy! She has done very well with her new surroundings. It is so funny how resilient kiddos are! I met Baylor's "teachers" and the 3 other babies that are in her "room" on Wednesday. This will be Baylor's first daycare experience, so we are a little nervous. Brett and I are still not sure that we want to take her to the daycare just quite yet, but at least we have the option. Sweet Baylor....I wish we could convince our Nanny to move to G town!

We have already met a lot of our new neighbors. The contractor that is working on our house has been working very late at night and in the wee hours of the morning trying to get finished. I am sure the neighbors appreciate us keeping them up at night and giving them a wonderful wake up call in the morning. The neighbors are all super nice. It turns out that there are a lot of young families on our street, so it should be fun!

Patients are scheduled for the first week of May! Woohoo!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Some favorite things....

I was sitting here and absolutely nothing is on can Gray's Anatomy AND Private Practice have

Anyways, thought I would join the fun and try and list a few of my favorite here goes...

1. Ghirardelli chocolate.....I am obsessed with adding this to my coffee in the morning...YUMMY. Well, and to just be completely honest, I like anything chocolate.

2. Baby Legs- as noted before, I love these! They are awesome!!! Makes diaper changing so easy, plus protects legs during crawling (on carpet...not so swift on hardwoods...a wee bit slippery) PLUS, Ansley likes to wear them on her arms with a T-shirt...pretty cool style I think:)

3. Little Giraffe blankets. BOTH my girls must have their Little Giraffe "nite-nite's" when they go to sleep. I seriously wish they made an adult version of this blanket. I might be guilty of snuggling up to one of the girl's blankets when they arent looking....

4. Anthropologie- my absolute favorite store. I could spend hours in there!
5. Smocking- so I might already have a touch a grandma in me...but I love love to smock. I wish I had more time to do it! I have made about 5 dresses from scratch :) My next goal is to learn how to French hand sew.

6. Fabuloso cleaner. I absolutely love the smell of Fabuloso. I have been trying to find the spray bottle solution, but to no avail. I have only found the concentrate version for mopping, etc. But...the smell is fantatstic and stays around. Love it!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Our girls...they are my world!!!

We took this picture yesterday! Sweet sisters!

Baylor has been queen of not wanting to stand up....until this weekend! She is a champ...look at those yummy legs! :) We are obsessed with Baby Legs!....Brett says she can only wear these until she is walking...and then no knee highs or *gasp* thigh highs while she is under his roof! Ahahahahahah! Oh, and I found her two mandibular central incisors erupting yesterday as well!

Sweet weekend :

What a wonderful weekend! We had a very rare non traveling weekend....and it was SO nice! I guess this is our last weekend in Birmingham too....*sigh*.....*HOORAY*! :) We were busy all weekend packing up boxes and jetting out of the house for people to come look at the house. We had 3 different couples come by this weekend...may not seem like a lot to some, but for us, this was a busy weekend as far as home showing goes. We cant help but be a little disappointed at the lack of people coming by our house. :(

Friday was a busy day at work, but then Brett's parents and Allie came over for dinner. Ansley was super excited to see them. We did a simple menu of steaks, mac and cheese and brocolli. Yes, a weird combo, but one we could get together rather quickly since we dont get home till around 6:00. Saturday was a fun filled day of packing and then a great night with some friends. Ansley loves playing with their two boys :).

Tonite is just more packing! Looking forward to my last full week of school.....eva! Yipeeeeeee!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

where are the teeth and thesis is defended!

So, my obsession lately (yes, it usually changes daily) is where in the world is Baylor's first little tooth?!?!? Now her sister got her first tooth right at 6 months....textbook. I feel like Baylor has been teething since she was 3 months old. I seriously thought she would get her first tooth early! Yes, I know this is stupid, but I am constantly in my precious baby's mouth. Which, by the way, she HATES! Now, Baylor doesnt fuss much, but when I get in her mouth, she lets me know I am invading her personal space! :)

Tuesday was defense day for the third year resident's! I am SO glad that is over! HOORAY. So now, all that is left to do in the 14 days I have left until graduation is to turn in the final thesis and finish up on my patients! So hard to believe that as of April 9, I will no longer be going to any form of school! I mean, I am about to be a REAL adult! hahaha!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

only 21 days left!!!!

21 days until graduation!!! hooray!!! After I defend my thesis next Tuesday, it will be smooth sailing! Brett and I are so excited. The house inspection went well this week, so hopefully we will close on the house soon.
Office is progressing nicely. We will be in Gadsden on Saturday working away. May post pictures soon.


Monday, March 16, 2009

How is it Monday already!?!?!?

These weeks are flying lightening speed. I now have less than 3 weeks until graduation. I try and make one decision for the office, then end up getting all caught up in something else about the office. I feel like a do g chasing it's tail!! Uggh! Who knew picking out accent wall colors could be so frustrating! I really wish someone would just do it for me. Really!

We have the home inspection tomorrow on our house in Gadsden. Hopefully we will be able to close next week. Yay! I think the girls will love living there. Pictures to come soon., we still have not sold our house here in Bham. Patiently waiting though!

The weekend was fun and busy. We had our ortho alumni meeting on Friday and Sat......from which I skipped out early on to go to Montgomery for a baby shower and to see April and Trent. Ansley went along with me. We had a blast. She really enjoyed having me to herself. I wish I had my video camera during our visit with Trent. She literally could not take her hands off that sweet baby boy! (sorry April) Not to mention that she sneezed on the little man (horrors!!!! I am still mortified). She is STILL talking about Trent and April. It was a great short visit!