Thursday, February 19, 2009

trying to slow down and enjoy the moment!

Today has been a very productive day!  Yay!  Ansley and I started out our day by heading to Gadsden to tour another preschool.  I have been in utter turmoil about having to leave South Highland CDC...we love it!  I didnt think we would ever finding a school as great as South Highland....but as usual, I was wrong.  We are so excited that Ansley is going to have a spot at Episcopal Day School in April.  Her new teacher has her MASTERS!  Momma likes that!  They have an organized curriculum...I am so impressed!  Ansley loved her visit.  She was a little shy at first, but ended up staying in what will be her new classroom while I toured the entire school.  NO tears when I left!  WOW!  By the time we left, Ans was holding hands with another girl in the class and blowing kisses to some cutie little boy in the class!  What a ham!  

After touring the school, Ans and I went by my office and picked up some paint swatches at a hardware store that is nearby.  They have finished putting the new roof on the office, so we are ready to start painting and putting in the new floor.....but first I must pick out the colors! YIKES!  I dont even know where to start with all of this, so Katy is going to help me out!  I have some WONDERFUL friends!

My website is almost complete!  HOORAY!  check it out when you get a chance  It is just my logo right now, but the live site should be up in a few weeks.

Sweet Baylor.  I dont even know where to start about her.  She is 6 months old now and I truly believe that she is the sweetest baby on the planet.  She is so patient and laid back.  Definitely gets the laid back part from her Daddy!  She is sitting up by herself now and has been drooling for 3 months...where is that darn tooth?  Her hair is now standing straight up.  I mean, STRAIGHT up.  So funny.  Yes, she gets that from me.  She has been sleeping through the night since she was 4 months old....ever since we took her pacy away.  Sounds harsh, I know, but she was waking up about 7 times during the night because the pacy had fallen out of her mouth.  Our pediatrician said 4 months was a great age to get rid of it because she would not remember having a pacy in about 2 days.  I felt bad about it, but man, we were TIRED.  We, I mean, I, am not the best at letting my girls "cry it out".  Dont like that.  Bay cried for about 5 minutes the first time we put her down, then woke up about 3 hours later, cried 3 minutes, then that was it.  She started sleeping through the night.  Now, this would have NEVER worked with Ansley.  She didnt sleep all the way through the night until she was 9 months old!

Brett is doing great.  He is putting up with me while I freak out about opening up my practice and is the most awesome Dad.  He has been doing all the cooking lately since I havent been getting home until after 6.  Brett is my rock.  I am so in love!

Well, I think that is definitely enough for now.  

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